Monday, May 14, 2012

...what my broken heart screams...

when you let others stay, you kicked me out
why couldn't you let me stay?
did you love me not at all?
was i not enough to keep?
you dismantled, left for dead a heart...
was i not worth the time to repair?
why was the love i gave...
everything i had not enough?
slighted, diminished and dusted off...
that's what my heart's blood was to you?
why couldn't you try?
when i invested every breath and drop...
you used it, broke it, ran away.
why did you run?
why the wall?
am i so belittled to be cut off so completely?
is that what i'm worth to you?
blocked, treated like i don't exist...
just some girl you don't know...
insulted, mocked and shot while down...
do you even know?
can you possibly imagine how diminished...
all of me?
was i not enough?
why did you not even try?
is your capacity only to hurt and run?
look me in the eye, tell me why.
this heart demands to know
why it wasn't enough...
when it was everything you asked and more.
my broken heart screams....
it screams for you.
in silence, with no answer.

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